October 2017

‘Big Cloud’ has been highly commended in the finalist group of the Clayton Utz Art Award 2017 at Clayton Utz, Brisbane.

Big Cloud
Big Cloud 2017 acrylic on canvas 100cm(H) x 120cm(W)

August 2017

‘New Flower’ is part of the exhibition for the Lethbridge 10,000 award at Lethbridge Gallery, Paddington, Brisbane.

New Flower
New Flower 2015 oil on board 45.5cm x45.5cm

September 2016

‘Into Blue’ is a finalist in the Clayton Utz Art Award 2016 in Brisbane.

This painting’s cloudy image could be read either as the merging pattern of river with ocean, as the plume from a chimney or as smoke from an explosion.

Into Blue
Into Blue 2016 acrylic on poly cotton 81cm x 81cm

April 2016

‘Closer’ has been selected for the Waterhouse Natural Science Art Prize exhibition 2016 held at the South Australian Museum, Adelaide.

The painting could be variously read as a storm cloud, as industrial emissions, a dust storm, smoke from a bush fire, or as ash pouring from a volcano. Cloud symbolises the nebulous, the uncertainty of knowing how to pace the use of natural resources against the environment’s natural rate of recovery. My intention is in no way didactic or to seek objectivity. I aim for ambiguity rather than to make a statement or declare an answer.

Studio view of Closer (detail) 2016 acrylic on poly cotton 101cm(H) x 121cm(W)
Studio view of Closer (detail) 2016 acrylic on poly cotton 101cm(H) x 121cm(W)

November 2015

My painting ‘Flutter/Lurk’ has been acquired by Jupiters Hotel, Surfers Paradise as part of the refurbishment of their suites.

Flutter/Lurk 2012 acrylic on poly cotton 81cm(H) x 101cm(W)