Available works

In this gallery are some of my available works. You may be interested in whether works shown in other galleries on this site are available. To enquire, please message me using the Contact page found in the menu above or contact Lethbridge Gallery, Brisbane.

Golden 2 oil on board 40cm(H) x 50cm(W) (this is framed, so it is 42cm x 52cm with frame)
Closer 2016 acrylic on poly cotton 101cm(H) x 121cm(W)
Big Cloud 2017 acrylic on poly cotton 100 cm x 120 cm
Dianella 2019 oil on canvas 61cm x 61cm
Outside the Door (Nasturtiums) 2019 gouache on black gesso on canvas 30.5cm(H) x 40.5cm(W)
Flower Study 2019 gouache on black gesso on paper 27cm(H) x 39cm(W)
Into Blue 2016 acrylic on poly cotton 81cm x 81cm
Ghostly Garden oil on linen 100cmH) x 120cmW)
Flurry acrylic on poly/cotton 122cm(H) x 91cm(W)