Big Cloud


for WP

Big Cloud has been awarded with a high commendation at the Clayton Utz Art Award 2017 exhibition. This is a photo of it (in the background) taken in my studio before it went on its outing to the lawyers’ offices.

‘Into Blue’

‘Into Blue’ has been selected as a finalist for the Clayton Utz Art Award 2016 held in Brisbane.

This painting’s cloudy image could be read variously as the merging pattern of river with ocean, as the plume from a chimney or as smoke from an explosion.

Into Blue
Into Blue 2016 acrylic on poly cotton 81cm x 81cm


Closer 2016 acrylic on poly cotton 101cm(H) x 121cm(W)

‘Closer’ was selected as a finalist for the Waterhouse Natural Science Art Prize 2016 showing at the South Australian Museum, Adelaide from 10 June 2016 until 31 July 2016.

This image could variously be read as approaching rain, a dust storm, smoke from a bush fire, ash pouring from a volcano, smog, or a chimney plume from industrial activity. All of these nebulous phenomena represent either climatic conditions or climate influencers. Cloud symbolises the uncertainty there is about our environmental future. The aim is for ambiguity and my concern is in no way to be didactic or literal. I have chosen to give the cloud a downward movement in order to intensify a sense of imminence and drama.